Professional development: Are you doing it?

Make time to feed your brain

How often do you set aside work to work on you?

Last year I learned about this great group, Solo PR Professionals. Wow, what a resource for a solo PR chick like me – someone who can always learn more about delivering quality public relations for my clients, and has the additional challenge of being an entrepreneur.

We have a weekly Twitter Chat, a private Facebook group and tons of resources on the website. It’s great!

The group hosted an educational conference last year. Despite the fact that I make time for the weekly chat, and I always keep up with the Facebook group, I didn’t go. That was too much. The excuses were easy: “I’m too busy/It’s taking away from my clients/It’s not a good use of my time.”

We all struggle with work-life balance, don’t we? You weigh things 10 times a day: “If I do this, I can’t do that.”

I realized recently that I will talk myself out everything all day, every day, if I let me. My boss is brutal. I will stress about a project, and the client responds with nothing but praise. Despite this, I always feel I could be, I should be, doing more.

A couple weeks ago, I made time for a writing webinar. And it was GREAT. I got easy take-aways, it was thought-provoking and I started applying what I learned that next time I sat down to write. It made me so energized and happy!

And what do you know? The world didn’t come crashing down because I took an hour out of my workweek.

So Tuesday I’m off to this year’s Solo PR Summit. I can’t wait to meet all the folks from Twitter and Facebook in person, and sit with them for two days of sessions that I KNOW are going to help me take better care of my clients.

Why did it take a while for me to realize I need to feed my brain? I have no idea. The important thing is I’m finally doing it. Are you? What kind of activities inspire you and make you better at your job?

If you’re not investing this time, try. Don’t talk yourself out of professional development. You getting smarter helps your business, helps your clients and makes you happy. Win!

Photo by Colin Harris

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