Let’s Eat Grandma, Because She Doesn’t Know How to Write

It’s been very windy in Texas this week, and apparently it is heralding the winds of change … to writing as we know it.

I spend a lot of time writing and editing. I probably spend as much time on dictionary.com as I do on detroit.tigers.mlb.com. APStylebook.com is a distant third. I rely on these sites. I make mistakes; we all do. But I try REALLY, REALLY hard to play by the rules, and they help keep me in line. So I find the links below amazing and scary.

First this infographic, via my friend and fellow public relations chick Kim Eberhardt. No surprise, but seeing this data is troubling. That it’s shared by talking cats is more troubling.

Then my favorite grammar police chief Beth Concepcion found this little gem, starring a former teacher. Quote of note: “Punctuation isn’t important.”

Thank goodness this popped up on Facebook to make me feel better:

So, fittingly, this headline wraps up a week of wonderment: Man tries to blow up misspelled sign with pressure cooker.  I’m disappointed by all this, but not enough to be headed in this direction. If you are, call me and I’ll talk you down.

As for my title*, Grandma’s probably the only one among us we CAN write anymore, because she likely sat through hours of grammar and spelling lessons, including diagramming sentences (remember those?). The youngsters are the ones who only know how to communicate via emoticons. So, let’s eat grandkids!

Have you seen anything lately that hurts your writing sensibilities? How about something that lifts your writer’s soul?

*If you don’t get the title, here:

via becomingmums.co.uk


  1. I have wanted to grab my own pressure cooker from time to time …

    • I understand. By the way, if anyone sees an error in this blog, TELL ME.

      • Brenda Meller says:

        Jen, you just made me laugh out loud (yes, I refrained from text speak on purpose) with your comment to tell you if there were any typos.

        Nice blog. I enjoyed it. Do you cross promote these posts on Facebook? You should.

        • I’m glad, Brenda! One of my clients was texting her sister and commented, “She’s an English teacher, so I have to write everything out.” Yay! There is hope! Since then, I’ve been trying to do the same. It definitely slows down the process. We could always call each other; remember those days?

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