How Do You Power Through?

Today has been a day.

Yeah, one of those. You know what I’m talking about. Someone got the mogwai wet, they found the pantry, and the gremlins attacked.


Hi! I have come to sidetrack you and cause irritation and stress.

It started innocently, like it always does. I was having a regular day when I ran into this series of unfortunate events:

– I wasted an hour trying to diagnose and fix my printer. Not only am I bad where I started, I think I called some shady 800 number posing as HP, and let a man I couldn’t understand access my computer, who told me it’s chock-full of viruses, while

– Accidentally insulting a colleague in a Facebook group, while

– Having a difficult conversation about a project, while trying to

– Be available to my sister, who needed to talk to me and

– Get to an appointment.

It’s always a struggle to perform under pressure.  All you can do is be positive and professional, prioritize and push forward the best you can. I am blessed with great clients and wonderful peers, as well as great consultants, so today wrapped up OK. I just want to throw this out there because I know you have days like this, too. Three things:

1. When the gremlins attack, you are not alone. It always shakes out the way it’s supposed to. Take deep breaths and keep going.

2. How you power through crazy days? I might take a 10-minute break to take the dogs outside, read a chapter in my book or clean up the kitchen (Another proof point of the beauty of the home office!). What are your best tips? Please share!

3. Britney

Thanks to Buzzfeed for this Britney poster and this list of how to make it through.

P.S. I apologized to my colleague and she was amazingly gracious, the conversation about the aforementioned project went about as well as it could have, I finally talked to my sister and I kept my appointment.

Keep your fingers crossed on the computer thing!



  1. I’ve also heard that wine works, too. Purely speculation at this point, but I’m working on some case studies.

  2. I invite a guest post on the results of said case studies.

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