My clients range from international manufacturers to single proprietorships; from nonprofits to national retailers. I have a journalism degree from Michigan State University and started as a reporter, so I’ve taken that first-hand knowledge of how the media wants information, and continued to adapt it as the media has evolved.

I creatJemefe and execute public relations plans for my clients based on research and analysis of business goals and audiences. The resulting communications, whether through traditional media, social media, community outreach or other channels, will reach your targets with messages that are consistent with your brand and goals.
 In addition to the channels featured above, my work also frequently includes:

  • Writing marketing and web content
  • Web content development and management
  • Trade show/event planning and execution

When I’m not staring at my laptop, meeting with clients or out networking, I’m hanging out with my husband, chasing my dogs around and cheering for the Detroit Tigers. Reports that my clients pay me in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures are greatly exaggerated, yet that might be interesting …

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